Content Ideas

Content—What exactly is it?
Everyone is talking about content these days and for good reason. Content is why people go online. It is the information found on a website including stories, ideas, pictures, videos and music. Content serves three main purposes:
  • Communcation
  • Education
  • Entertainment
There are two types of content:
1. Text - All the written content on a page—blogs, captions, links, product descriptions, reviews, business hours, location, etc.
2. Media - Any content that isn’t text—images, animations, videos, music, etc.
Although both types of content are necessary, text content is primarily what search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are looking for in a search inquiry.

Why is content so important?
  • First of all, content helps you become discovered online. There are people who want what you sell but don’t even know you exist. Search engines connect people with websites by matching up words that are typed into the search bar (read more about this in our article What is SEO?). The key is to be found by a search engine first. This is where content comes in. Your website has to become a place where people go to get their questions answered and to learn all there is to know about your product or service.
  • Secondly and equally as important, content builds relationships. Through good content you are giving something of value to prospective customers. You are helping them to make an informed decision and ultimately guiding them through the buying process.

Where to start
How do you know what to write? It’s easy, just listen to your customers. What do they want to know? What questions do they ask? All you have to do is answer their questions. Most of the questions consumers have relate to one of the following categories: Cost, Comparisons, Problems, Best of and Reviews, which we like to refer to by the acronym CCPBR. 

Discuss how costs works. You don’t have to give specific prices. Here is an example from Exchange931 regarding the cost of an ad.
Question: How much does an ad cost?
Answer: Ad cost is determined by multiple factors including:
  • How many times do you want the ad to run?
  • Who do you want the ad to reach? What areas or locales?
  • Do you want a full color ad or black and white? What size ad?
Each of these factors can then be addressed in separate articles.

Possible article titles:
  • A beginner’s guide to selling with a classified ad.
  • Finding the best reach for your classified ad.
  • How classified ads are priced.

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Consumers love options! Comparing the similarities and differences of products have become an important step in the buying process. Comparisons can also be used to discuss different options—a basic plan vs. a premier plan vs. a pro plan. It is important to write unbiased content in this category. Write fair and honest comparisons focused on the facts. This way the customers can identify what will be a good fit for their needs without feeling the presence of a  hovering salesperson.
Question: How do I know what commercial insurance to buy?
Answer: There are different types of insurance policies for different types of businesses.

Possible article titles:
  • What type of insurance does my business need?
  • Business Insurance: General Liability vs. Product Liability vs. Professional Liability.
  • Why do I need business insurance?

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What do people do first when they have a problem? They Google it. Whether we are sick or the car won’t start, we look to the internet for answers. Think about the problems your customers come to you with and use those as teaching opportunities. Talk about what can and does go wrong, then offer solutions.
Question: Why is my peach tree losing leaves?
Answer: Leaf loss in peach trees can be attributed to several factors, such as…..
Possible article titles:
  • 5 common reasons trees lose leaves.
  • How to protect your trees from leaf loss.
  • Tips for growing peach trees.

As you can see, one question can be answered in a multitude of ways. Read more in our article Problems.

Best of
When we are searching for an item, how many times do we type in, “What is the best_____?” This can be a fun category to create content in and as a business owner, your opinion matters. Provide a summary on your website of your competitors in the area. This information can come from their About Us pages. By doing so, you become a source of comprehensive content for the entire area. Create your own competitions and awards. Discuss what criteria they were judged on and why.
Question: Where is the best place to get t-shirts print- ed?
Answer: Northern Alabama has some great options when it comes to getting quality t-shirts printed.
Possible article titles:
  • The 5 best screen printers in Northern Alabama.
  • Best t-shirt design of the year.
  • 2017’s Best Reviews—T-shirt printers

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People read reviews to determine the quality of a business and they can have a tremendous impact. Research shows that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. By displaying your reviews on your website, you are letting potential customers see how well you have done with customers in the past.
Question: How do I choose the right home builder?
Answer: Find out if past buyers are satisfied—read our
Possible article titles:
  • How to choose the right home builder. Reviews of Middle Tennessee Homebuilders.
  • Reviews of Middle Tennessee’s log home builders.
  • Reviews of custom home builders in Middle Tennessee.

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Writing content in these five areas will address the majority of questions that people have. 

How do you come up with all this content?
  • Recruit. Invite employees to contribute. Have them talk about their areas of expertise and answer some of the questions they get. Employees have valuable insights which will add a fresh perspective to the content.
  • Brainstorm. What questions do you get every day? Try to come up with 100 questions in 30 minutes. Take every one of those questions and make it a topic for an article.
  • Watch the news. Tie current events into your content such as: a new law, recent scientific research or a weather related issue that affects your customers.
  • Listen. What are your customers talking about? What do they value?

Don’t underestimate the power of content. Good content can inspire, motivate and build strong and loyal customer relationships.