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Stats Overview

Understanding Site Statistics

The Stats tab is a powerful feature that shows you real time statistics for how many people are visiting your site and how it’s performing in search engines. Improve on your SEO words and performance by monitoring the stats page and discovering which keywords drive the most traffic to your site.
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Stat Terminology
  • Unique Visitors - Individuals, or unique computer ip addresses, that have visited the site.
  • Visits - Number of times all of your Unique Visitors have collectively visited the site.
  • Page Views - Number of times all of the different pages on the site have been accessed.
  • Pages / Visit - Average number of pages people view when they visit your site.
  • Total Time - Total time spent on the site across all visitors.
  • Average Time - Average time spent on your site per visit.
  • Bounce Rate - Percentage of people who leave your site after viewing only the homepage.